Journal Abstracts

JADE – Volume 59 – No. 2

  • Educational Intervention/Case Study: Implementing an Elementary-Level, Classroom-Based Media Literacy Education Program for Academically At-Risk Middle-School Students in the Non-Classroom Setting
  • A Cost Analysis of Web-Enhanced Training to Reduce Alcohol Sales to Intoxicated Bar Patrons
  • The Impact of Standard Nutrition Labels on Alcoholic Beverages
  • Adolescent Criminal Acts Committed and Substance Use with a Voluntary Sample Recruited from Post-Secondary Institutions

JADE – Volume 59 – No. 1

  • Analyzing Greek members Alcohol Consumption by Gender and the Impact of Alcohol Education Interventions
  • Modifying Healthcare System Alcohol Interventions for the High-Risk Drinking Environment: Theory in Practice
  • College Student Alcohol Use and Abuse: Social Norms, Health Beliefs, and Selected Socio-Demographic Variables as Explanatory Factors

JADE – Volume 58 – No. 3

  • High-Risk Drinking and Academic Performance Among College Student Veterans
  • The Perception of Safety Between Drinkers and Non-Drinkers Among U.S. College Students
  • A National Study of the Reasons for Use and Non-Use of Alcohol Among College Student-Athletes by Sex, Race, and NCAA Division

JADE – Volume 58 – No. 2

  • The Association between Coach and Teammate Injunctive Norm Reference Groups and College Student-Athlete Substance Use
  • Comparing the Effects of Alcohol Mixed with Artificially-Sweetened and Carbohydrate Containing Beverages on Breath Alcohol Concentration
  • Using the Integrated Behavioral Model to Predict High-Risk Drinking Among College Students
  • Student Experiences at Off-Campus Parties: Results from a Multicampus Survey

JADE – Volume 58 – No. 1

  • High Risk Drinking Among Non-Affiliated College Students
  • The Effect of Perceived Parental Approval of Drinking on Alcohol Use and Problems
  • The Role of Injunctive Norma And Alcohol Use During the First Semester of College

JADE – Volume 57 – No. 3

  • Evaluating Community Readiness to Implement Environmental and Policy-Based Alcohol Abuse Prevention Strategies in Wisconsin
  • School-Based Drug Abuse Prevention Programs in High School Students
  • Interactive Journaling as a Brief Intervention for Level-II DUI and DWI Offenders

JADE – Volume 57 – No. 2

  • Licit and Illicit Use of Prescription Psychostimulants in Upperclassmen and Alumni
  • A Social Norms Approach to Drug Prevention in Schools in Ireland: Results from a Pre Development Study
  • The Effect of a Birthday Card Intervention of 21st Birthday Celebratory Drinking Behaviors
  • Hazardous Drinking by First-Year College-Athletes: The Differential Roles of Driving Motives, Alcohol Consequences, and Season Status