Journal Abstracts

JADE – Volume 57 – No. 3

  • Evaluating Community Readiness to Implement Environmental and Policy-Based Alcohol Abuse Prevention Strategies in Wisconsin
  • School-Based Drug Abuse Prevention Programs in High School Students
  • Interactive Journaling as a Brief Intervention for Level-II DUI and DWI Offenders

JADE – Volume 57 – No. 2

  • Licit and Illicit Use of Prescription Psychostimulants in Upperclassmen and Alumni
  • A Social Norms Approach to Drug Prevention in Schools in Ireland: Results from a Pre Development Study
  • The Effect of a Birthday Card Intervention of 21st Birthday Celebratory Drinking Behaviors
  • Hazardous Drinking by First-Year College-Athletes: The Differential Roles of Driving Motives, Alcohol Consequences, and Season Status

JADE – Volume 57 – No. 1

  • The Impact of Reality Television on the Alcohol-Related Beliefs and Behaviors of Hispanic College Students
  • Designing Standardized Patients Assessments to Measure SBIRT Skills for Residents: A Literature Review and Case Study
  • Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk, But Do They Let Friends Drive High?

JADE – Volume 56 – No. 3

  • College Student Awareness of Signs of Alcohol Poisoning
  • Food and Alcohol Access in Neighborhoods of Varying Socioeconomic Status

JADE – Volume 56 – No. 1

  • The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Abuse of Alcohol, Marijuana, and Tobacco Among College Students
  • Implications for College Students Posting Pictures of Themselves Drinking Alcohol on Facebook
  • Applying the Freirian Model to the Development and Evaluation of Problematic Drinking

JADE – Volume 55 – No. 3

  • Effects of Youth Assets on Adolescent Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana Use, and Sexual Behavior
  • Are Students Drinking Hand over Fifth? Understanding Participant Demographics in Order to Curb a Dangerous Practice
  • Comparing Greek-Affiliated Students and Student-Athletes: An Examination of the Behavior-Intention Link, Reasons for Drinking, and Alcohol-Related Consequences