Journal Abstracts

JADE – Volume 55 – No. 2

  • Alcohol Use Among Italian University Students: The Role of Sensation Seeking, Peer Group Norms and Self-Efficacy
  • The Belief that Alcohol Use is Inconsistent with Personal Autonomy: A Promotive Factor for Younger Adolescents
  • Blood (Breath) Alcohol Concentration Rates of College Football Fans on Game Day
  • Addiction Studies: Exploring Students’ Attitudes toward Research in a Graduate Program

JADE – Volume 55 – No. 1

  • Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Educational Needs in Academia
  • Resonant Messages to Prevent Prescription Drug Misuse by Teens
  • A Comparison of Actual and Perceived Problem Drinking Among Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) Offenders
  • Prevalence and Pedagogy: Understanding Substance Abuse in Schools

JADE – Volume 54 – No. 3

  • Personalized Normative Feedback to Reduce Drinking among College Students: A Social Norms Intervention Examining Gender-based Versus Standard Feedback
  • Energy Drink Cocktails: A Dangerous Combination for Athletes and Beyond
  • Beliefs about Alcohol and the College Experience as Moderators of the Effects of Perceived Drinking Norms on Student Alcohol Use

JADE – Volume 54 – No. 2

  • Drunkorexia: Calorie Restriction Prior to Alcohol Consumption Among College Freshman
  • Effects of a 10–Minutes Peer Education Protocol to Reduce Binge Drinking Among Adolescents During Holidays
  • Anchoring and Estimation of Alcohol Consumption: Implications for Social Norm Interventions
  • Reported Changes in Students’ Alcohol Consumption Following a Brief Education of What Constitutes a Standard Drink

JADE – Volume 54 – No. 1

  • Reinforcing Alcohol Prevention (RAP) Program: A Secondary School Curriculum to Combat Underage Drinking and Impaired Driving
  • Examination of a University-Affiliated Safe Ride Program
  • Exploring Culturally Specific Drug Resistance Strategies of Hawaiian Youth in Rural Communities
  • Individual Characteristics of Adolescent Methamphetamine Users in Relation to Self-Reported Trouble with the Police

JADE – Volume 53 – No. 3

  • Using Community-based Participatory Research to Adapt keepin’ it REAL: Creating a Socially, Developmentally, and Academically Appropriate Prevention Curriculum for 5th Graders
  • The Use of Freshmen Seminar Programs to Deliver Personalized Feedback
  • Dieting Behavior and Alcohol Use Behaviors among National Eating Disorders Screening Program Participants
  • Common Issues and Collaborative Solutions: A Comparison of Student Alcohol Use Behaviors at the Community College and 4-year Institutional Levels

JADE – Volume 53 – No. 2

  • Reciprocal Relations of Protective Behavioral Strategies and Risk-Amplifying Behaviors with Alcohol-Related Consequences: Targets for Intervention with Female College Students
  • Alcohol-Related Information in Multi-Component Interventions and College Students’ Drinking Behavior
  • The Protected Addiction: Exploring Staff Beliefs toward Integrating Tobacco Dependence into Substance Abuse Treatment Services
  • Prospective Associations between Alcohol and Drug Consumption and Risky Sex among Female College Students