Journal Abstracts

JADE – Volume 53 – No. 1

  • Standardizing and Evaluating the “Presenter” Variable in the Peer vs. Adult Debate in Youth Drug Prevention Research
  • Where’s the Bar? Perceptions of Heavy and Problem Drinking among College Students
  • Treatment of Alcohol Intoxication at University Health Services: Examining Clinical Characteristics, Drinking Patterns, and Adherence with Referral
  • Alcohol and Drug Use among College Student Adult Children of Alcoholics

JADE – Volume 52 – No. 3

  • Decisional Balance and Collegiate Drinking
  • Development of a Low-Alcohol Drink Similar in Sensory Properties to a Full-Alcohol Drink
  • A Night in Tijuana: Female Victimization in a High-Risk Environment
  • Factors that Predict Self-Perceived Problem Drinking Among College Students

JADE – Volume 52 – No. 2

  • School-age Children of Fathers with Substance Use Disorder: Are They a High Risk Population?
  • Winning isn’t Everything: A Case Study of High-Risk Drinking the Night of the 2006 National Championship Football Game
  • Self-Reported Alcohol Consumption and Sexual Behavior in Males and Females: Using the Unmatched-Count Technique to Examine Reporting Practices of Socially Sensitive Subjects in a Sample of University Students
  • Long-term Outcomes of the ATHENA (Athletes Targeting Healthy Exercise & Nutrition Alternatives) Program for Female High School Athletes

JADE – Volume 52 – No. 1

  • College High Risk Drinkers: Who Matures Out? And Who Persists as Adults?
  • Voluntary, Randomized, Student Drug-Testing: Impact in a Rural, Low-Income, Community
  • Drinking Behaviors, Expectancies and Perceived Social Norms Among Diverse College Women
  • A Qualitative Study of Irish Teachers’ Perspective of Student Substance Use

JADE – Volume 51 – No. 4

  • Assessing the Relationship between Marijuana Availability and Marijuana Use: A Legal and Sociological Comparison between the United States and the Netherlands
  • Latent Model Analysis of Substance Use and HIV Risk Behaviors Among High-risk Minority Adults
  • Sexual Orientation and Alcohol Use Among College Students: The Influence of Drinking Motivesand Social Norms

JADE – Volume 51 – No. 3

  • Effectiveness of Peer-led FAS/FAE Prevention Presentations in Middle and High Schools
  • Importance of Building and Maintaining Trust in Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Education Classrooms and Hurdles to Open Communication
  • Influence of Sports’ Programs and Club Activities on Alcohol Use Intentions and Behaviors Among Adolescent Males
  • Taking School-Based Substance Abuse Prevention to Scale: District-Wide Implementation of Keep A Clear Mind

JADE – Volume 51 – No. 2

  • College Student’s Alcohol-Related Problems: An Auto-photographic Approach
  • Ping-Pong, Endurance, Card and Other Types of Drinking Games
  • Factors Contributing to the Failure to use Condoms Among Students in Zambia
  • Relationship between Social Capital and Substance Use by High School Students